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If you’re looking for products that are highly effective protecting you against second hand infection from pathogens, you’re at the right place. Best Shield offers environmentally friendly products that improve our lives.

Welcome to the place where science and nature meet to create ecologically neutral solutions. We offer products that make our homes and work places safer from a growing list of invisible pathogens that can harm us or worse.

Our line of antimicrobial products is based on Nanotechnology and are highly effective against a wide array of bacteria, viruses, molds, mildews, fungus and other microbes that can infect us, our food, and where we live. We offer two types of products, those that are designed to be used by people on themselves, and those that are applied to surfaces. We offer a broad range of products including FDA registered hand sanitizers and antiseptic treatments, laundry fabric softener, surface cleaners and industrial grade cleaners for specialty use, all of which are effective antimicrobial treatments.

Effective against a wide range of pathogens

Our hand sanitizers are effective against pathogens that alcohol simply aren’t including C-Diff.

Our surface cleaners destroy a broad range of pathogens using an electro-mechanical approach that doesn’t allow pathogens to develop resistance against the treatment.

Provide extended protection – a term called “persistence”

Our hand sanitizers provide a high degree of protection for 4 hours, not 60 seconds like traditional hand sanitizers.

Our surface cleaners provide effective protection for up to 4 weeks, not a few minutes as is the case with chemical products and protocols.

Safe to use

Our most powerful surface sanitizer is Category 5 safety rated, the same as water.

Our hand sanitizers do not contain any alcohol, so they don’t dry out your skin and are not absorbed into your body.

Easy to apply

Our FDA approved personal use products (hand sanitizer foam, wipes and soap) come in a variety of forms that make are convenient and easy to use. This includes 1.7, 6.76, and 8.25 oz foam dispensers and a line of wipes for our personal use products.

Our surface sanitizers are available in family to bulk sizes and can be applied with a cloth or a variety of spray utensils ranging from squirt bottles to industrial spray system such as paint guns, electrostatic sprayers etc.

Our products can be applied to any type of surface including metal, plastic, wood, fabric etc., and since we’re water based, we don’t damage the surfaces.

Ecologically Neutral Life Cycle

Our products do not introduce ecological problems like many current chemical treatments that are the standard treatment today. When our products finally breakdown, the return to basic elements found in nature and do not pose an ecological disposal problem.