There are two main differences between Best Shield products and the ones you are currently using.

  1. Our products are “persistent,” a term used to describe that they provide protection for an extended period of time. This means more effective protection for longer which turns into lower cost. Chemical treatments last seconds or minutes, and ours last hours to a month depending of which product you are using.
  1. Our products use a three-prong attack to protect against pathogens – chemical (similar to what you’re doing now), electrical and mechanical (using Nanotechnology). The electro-mechanical destruction of pathogens does not allow them to evolve their DNA to become chemically resistant, a significant advantage over chemical treatments.

These two differences are a stark contrast to the chemical-only treatments that are the standard. Chemical treatments are only effective when they are first applied, and the protection erodes and stops once the solution in which the chemicals are mixed evaporates and disperses. While these chemical-only treatments may be viewed as highly effective, they only last a few minutes, after which the pathogens re-establish themselves. As a result, chemical-only treatments are very temporary and must be repeated often.

Essentially, chemical types of treatments only attack pathogens that are present at the time they are applied, and they never get all of them. Five minutes later, when the treatment evaporates, the protection ends, and the area can be re-infected. Regardless of your thoroughness, treatments never get 100% of the pathogens, so the bacteria, viruses etc. return to re-infect the area, this time more chemically resistant to the treatment. In addition, the area can also be re-infected by anyone who is infected and enters the treated area. It is minimally effective, inefficient and expensive. As a result, many protocols call for daily or weekly retreatment.

The secret to the persistence and effectiveness of our products is Zetrisil, a proprietary formula that kill up to 99.9999% of germs contact and provides long-term protection against bacteria, viruses, fungi, mildew, molds and other pathogens. When our products are first applied, the chemical formula provides a flash kill just like other chemical treatments, except our chemicals are low toxicity.

As the Zetrisil formula evaporates and the chemical component ceases to provide protection (just like any chemical treatment), the evaporating formula forms a bio-static layer of electrically charged nano-spikes that adheres to any surface to which it was applied. This biostatic field of nanospikes creates a protective shield that destroys microbes physically and electrically through a process known as Zeta Potential. Once the field of nanospikes is established, the negatively charged microbes are magnetically attracted to the nanospikes where they are electrocuted and their cell walls pierced, destroying them physically. The combination of the nanospikes and their electrical charge becomes a killing field for any microbes that attempt to attach to the treated surface. Better yet, the electro-mechanical approach to destroying microbes eliminates the potential for the microbes to develop resistance through DNA evolution, a constant threat with chemical only treatments.

Our Zetrisil base surface disinfectant products provide up to a month of protection. Once treated, the area is protected against pathogens re-establishing them. Available in three formulas, the products are easy to apply, safe and highly effective. There is even a version that is certified for cleaning the interiors of Boeing aircraft. Whether you are seeking an effective treatment for commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, hospitality venues, transportation assets or for you home, Best Shield offers the right solution. With Zetrisil, My Shield surface cleaners provide protection 24/7 for up to a month and are effective against a wide array of threats. Our products provide a revolutionary level of protection against a growing threat.  Two of the surface disinfectants (Hospital – EPA Reg No 94196-3, and Surface Disinfectant – EPA Reg No 94196-4)  have been approved by the EPA as broad spectrum disinfectants.

Our Zetrisil based hand sanitizers and wipes provide a high degree of protection for 4 hours and diminishing protection up to 24 hours. Available in a variety of packages, My Shield personal care products are a must for personal hygiene and protection against threats from community infections.

Our Zetrisil based Laundry Complete fabric softener provides the same protection to fabrics. For healthcare and elderly care facilities, it is ideal for insulating patients from microbial community infections from beds and is a wonderful deodorizer for sports uniforms, gym clothe and active wear. In a recent university lab test, Laundry Complete proved successful against Covid-19 for over 200 days from date of treatment.  While the product provides extended protection, we recommend that you retreat clothing (a simple addition of Laundry Complete to the fabric softener cycle) once every two to three wash cycles to address high wear areas of clothing.  Another benefit of Laundry Complete is that it eliminates odors that accumulate on worn clothing, an attractive benefit for those with active life styles.  

Our Zetrisil based Topical Antiseptics kill pathogens and prevent the formation of biofilms, allowing the body to accelerate healing.  Topical Antiseptic prevents bacteria from forming bioshields, reducing the change of infection and allowing the body to focus on healing.  A quick look at the Topical Antiseptic brochure provides visual examples of the product’s effectiveness in treatment and recover from wounds.